When Should You White Sugar Coat Your Teeth?

One of the most important aspects of teeth whitening is understanding the concept of white sugar coat. It will cost you more at the end because it is unnecessary. It is important to understand when to let the natural sugar in your mouth run wild and when not to sugarcoat your teeth.

When there is an underlying problem that is causing tooth sensitivity, the sugar will be attracted to that issue. If you let the sugar coat your teeth, it can create a tartar build up on your enamel and result in tooth sensitivity. If this is the case then sugar coat your teeth will only cause further problems and may even cause the sensitivity to get worse. In this instance it is best to consult with a dentist about having a professional whitening procedure done.

If you have a cavity or a broken tooth there is no need for you to whiten your tooth, even if it may make your teeth look healthier. The teeth will not look any better than they do right now and you may even end up with a cavity. If your tooth was recently pulled then it is also not necessary to have white sugar coat the tooth. Even if it is a little chipped it will not make the tooth look any better. If your tooth was recently extracted then there is still no reason for you to have white sugar coat your tooth. Although it does create a healthy-looking smile, it does not prevent cavities from happening.

There are some individuals that do have an issue with white sugar coat their teeth. If your mouth has a white coating on it does not affect your eating or drinking habits then you may want to see a dentist or orthodontist. If the coating is becoming too severe for you then you may need to see an oral surgeon. If your enamel begins to peel, the coating will begin to peel off and this will result in less healthy looking teeth.

There are some individuals that have a problem with their gums when it comes to whitening teeth. If they whiten teeth that is a direct result of bacteria. There are certain types of toothpaste that will cause a gummy buildup of plaque on the teeth. Once this builds it is harder to clean and it creates an issue with the gums as well.

You should try and see your dentist before you make the decision to whiten teeth that way, especially if you have any type of gum disease. It is also important that you follow the directions on the product and do not let your body become used to white sugar coat your teeth.