Sugar Coat Lyrics

Sugar coat lyrics often remind me of someone like the Village People. They are a popular, funny group from the 70’s that still tours to this day. Their songs are about someone being stuck inside a little apartment and singing silly songs to try to get out. They are not serious at all and their lyrics are often comical at best.


I like this about them too. The singer is stuck inside the little apartment all the time and cannot get out for some reason. It might be the cold or he may just be lazy. The thing about pre-chorus is that it can be used over again. You can sing the Sugar coat Lyrics all throughout your song without changing the words in the middle. This makes for a great reverb to kick things up a notch and add something special to your track.

Here’s where I warn you though, if you decide to go with this approach, then you need to be prepared for what comes next. The lyrics to” Damn Sugar” say, “You don’t have to wear this sugar coat.” Well, if you are going to change the words around, you better be prepared to have someone like a chorus guy come in and help you out.


What I mean by this is that if you’re going to use a pre-chorus or verse for your Sugar coat song, then at the end, you need to tell someone “I don’t have to wear this sugar coat anymore”. You don’t want to end up on the spot and having to play the song(s) again because you didn’t have the courage to tell someone that you don’t have to wear this one. That could be an embarrassing situation for you, so I recommend that you just play it safe and build your music from other good songs and not start off with a re-write of “Damn Sugar.”


The other option you have is to change around the lyrics a little bit. For instance, instead of just saying you don’t have to wear this sugar coat anymore, you could say you got a sugar coat but you’re going to shred it up and sell it on the streets. Or, you could say you just like this sugar coat but you’re going to cut it up into little pieces and sell them. Just find something different to say than just “I don’t have to wear this sugar coat anymore” or “I don’t have to cut this sugar coat into little pieces.”


Whatever route you take, just remember to keep it positive. “I just like pills” is not a good thing to sing. “I just like sugar pills” isn’t really bad either. But instead of just singing that part about someone liking pills, try something like “I just like sugar pills” or something like that. That would be better, wouldn’t it?