How to Avoid a Sugar Coated Gospel

Avoiding the pitfalls of the sugar coated gospel can be easy if you know what to look for. You will learn how to avoid the pitfalls and still enjoy the good things that sugar-coated Christian writers have to offer. It will make your life a lot easier and you might even start coming to realize that God was right when he said that all men are brothers. Some Christians will use the ‘sugar-coated’ expression to avoid talking about the things that bother them. They will simply say things like, ‘I don’t have to get up every time I hear a sermon about Jesus Christ,’ or, ‘I don’t have to hear about how bad the sin of adultery is.’


The only way that you can avoid the pitfalls of sugar-coated gospel preaching is to avoid the temptation to lie to your audience. Some Christians will do almost anything to avoid discussing the problems in their lives. If you are doing that, then you aren’t really following the plan of God. If you want to follow God’s plan, then you have to share the good news with those who are willing to hear. There is no need to sugar-coat the gospel.

When you are talking to other Christians, avoid using guilt trips to avoid listening to them. If you do, then you will sound like you don’t really care about them. You can also avoid using scare tactics to avoid talking about bad news. If you do, then you might scare some people away instead of attracting them.


Instead of avoiding the pitfalls, find ways to avoid the things that might turn off your potential audience. If you have a tendency to use scare tactics, then you should probably avoid talking about the things that would turn people away from you. However, if you have a tendency to be too positive, then you should avoid talking about the downsides of life as well. This will allow you to draw in those who are looking for a more hopeful outlook on life.


One way to avoid a sugar coated gospel is to avoid talking about money as much as possible. If you are asked about how much you make in a year or so, it is best to avoid giving that figure out. There are so many other subjects that should be considered when you are talking to someone who might be listening.


You should also avoid a sugar coated gospel by not using language that is condescending. If you are trying to appeal to a younger crowd, then you should avoid using terms like “baby boomer” or “recession baby.” Instead of making light of these terms, talk about the good that has been done by the Boomers or the fact that many older people are finding employment after being laid off. This will not only make the person listen, but it will have the effect of ridding the listeners of the negative connotations that may be associated with those terms.